Good Sport Magazine #3

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Good Sport is a new magazine that takes a global view of the world of sport. Inclusive in nature and culturally diverse, this beautifully published magazine sees sport as the common connection that brings people together, whether hobbyist, professional or armchair fan. Issue #3 wanders through the squares of New York City, watching the chess being played, hangs out with a little league baseball team in Arizona, delves into the world of sport sock technology and shoots some b-ball with Helping Hoops, a charity assisting disadvantaged kids through basketball.


A beautifully published bi-annual magazine that takes a look at sport from the heart of the game and the periphery. Personal storytelling, immersive photography and quality journalism in a 200+ page package.


A feature article on Lance Wyman, the creator of the iconic Mexico '68 Olympic identity, was always going to peak our interest.

Good sport Magazine #3