Gal-Dem 'The Secrets Issue'

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'The Secrets Issue' is the third iteration of Gal-dem and its personal content speaks of, among many other things, guilty pleasures, anonymity and hidden histories. Inside you'll find insight into the life and work of a black bee keeper, the unearthing of a mixed-race nightclub in Manchester, an enlightening chat with singer Nao and untold stories of family immigration. Elsewhere you'll find stereotyping in sport, uncovering truths about black national identity, and a list of Gal-dem's own guilty pleasures.


Gal-dem is a magazine where all of the content is produced by women and non-binary people of colour. Personal, political and thought provoking.


An amazing photoshoot in honour of the afro. 

Gal-Dem 'The Secrets Issue'