Gal-Dem #6 | The Utopia/Dystopia Issue

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Gal-dem's seventh print issue embraces and questions the idea of utopias and dystopias. Where our political systems offer little hope, this issue pushes the two concepts in new and unexpected directions, thinking about how we work together for change in this moment of possibility.  


Inside you'll find interviews with some Asian nightlife collectives, a long distance chat with singer and actress ABRA, and a sit down with Myha'la Herrold. Elsewhere you'll find articles on looking at the natural world through a LGBTQIA+ lens, afro hair and salon inclusivity, a history of black anarchism and the decriminalisation of sex work.



Gal-dem is a magazine where all of the content is produced by women and non-binary people of colour. Personal, political and thought-provoking.


Size: 170 x 244mm

Pages: 144

Gal-Dem #6 | The Utopia/Dystopia Issue
Gal-Dem #6 | The Utopia/Dystopia Issue