Fare Magazine #11 | Lisbon

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The new Fare heads to the capital of Portugal; the beautiful city of Lisbon. Inside we delve into the roots of neighbourhood staple frango de churrasco, strike out on the trail of Cape Verdean alcoholic beverage Grogue, and discover the history of the city's butter and cod shops.


Elsewhere we meet Joana Astolfi, a designer who scours the city for objects and inspiration; architect-turned-chef Leopoldo Calhau, whose restaurant is an homage to the classic tabernas of Alentejo; and Rita Múrias and Paulo Barata, who have dedicated their lives to rescuing and restoring the city's neon signs and memories of its glamorous days gone by.


Size: 170 x 240mm

Pages: 198

Fare Magazine #11 | Lisbon