Fantastic Man #30

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issue 30 of Fantastic Man means a new look and new square format for this always excellent men's lifestyle mag. In an issue dedicated to Greece, in both its modern and ancient incarnations, we visit the Athenian museum for the blind where you can caress the statuary, gaze upon Johannes Schwartz's photographs of the ports, quarries, stadiums and refugee camps around the country's capital, meet the topless men of Thessaloniki and chat with Yanis Varoufakis about being Greek, the EU, democracy and Uberisation. Elsewhere you'll find young Greek stylists, a Helmut Lang archivist and the giant monastic kingdom of Mount Athos.


Fantastic Man is an award-winning men's fashion and lifestyle magazine from the Netherlands. Full of beautiful photographed fashion spreads and great journalism encompassed within a eye-catching layout - FM has spent the last decade getting better and better.


New, square, glossy, new logo, new font - all this and it is 'the MODERN men's magazine for a new decade'. 

Fantastic Man #30 - Colours May Vary