Eye Magazine #97 'Magazine Special Issue Part 2'

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The new Eye Magazine gets a little meta and turns it's focus onto its own field - that of magazine production. This is the second part of a two part special dedicated to the printed 'designed experience'. In part two we get to chat David Driver, art director on Harpers Bazaar, The Times and Radio Times, Serge Ricco, the creative director of l'Obs a word driven, left-wing publication combining powerful imagery and typography.

We get to chat to Michele Outland co-founder of Gather Journal, Kate Hepburn about her work on Spare Rib and Job Van Bennekom about Cos magazine and shop favourite The Happy Reader. 


A quarterly journal of graphic design which is always critical, well written and well informed, as well as beautifully published and gorgeous to look at.


The wonderful 1970's two colour covers of Which? magazine by Paul Harpin, Oh and that cover by the wonderful Tom Gauld. 

Eye Magazine #97 'Magazine Special Issue Part 2'