Eye Magazine #96 'Magazine Special Issue Part 1'

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The new Eye Magazine gets a little meta and turns it's focus onto its own field - that of magazine production. Not only that, but it's the first part of a two part special dedicated to the printed 'designed experience'. In part one we get to chat with the design director of the celebrated New York Times magazine, Gail Bichler, analyse the elements of a magazine (contents, reviews, features, ads etc.) that make it truly mag-like, and revisit the precursor to many of today's top men's fashion magazines, Town (with some truly wonderful covers and layouts included).


A quarterly journal of graphic design which is always critical, well written and well informed, as well as beautifully published and gorgeous to look at.


It always seems gracious when one magazine doffs its cap to another, so it was rewarding to read the article on Robert Priest's always excellent 'Eight By Eight'. A US 'soccer' mag that has become a firm shop favourite.

Eye Magazine #96 'Magazine Special Issue Part 1'