Extinguish After Use | Ricky Adam

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Burn baby, burn! It's been a sizzling summer folks, which can only mean that the ubiquitous disposable supermarket barbecue has made a re-appearance. How do we know - because of the black burn marks scattered about our parks and playing fields!|


As the big stores a start to remove these planet hating objects from their shelves, these scorched earth pictures will, hopefully, become a thing of distant memory. To save you forgetting COMPLETELY, Leeds-based photographer Ricky Adam has braved the ravaged lands of Hyde Park to bring us Extinguish After Use - mementos of a dark (and hot) age.


Each zine comes with an EAU postcard!


Size: 253 x 180mm

Pages: 40


Extinguish After Use | Ricky Adam | Colours May Vary