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Double Dagger #3

Regular price £12.50

The Print Project (Nick) and Nomad Letterpress (Pat) have been at it again, and by 'at it' we mean moving metal type around, reversing it, upending it, setting it in a form, inking it using a big oily machine and getting it to our eager hands!

The frankly gorgeous illustrative work inside issue #3 come from practices that include calligraphy, stone cutting, sculpture, gig posters and even printing from ball-bearings. 

Nick and Pat both contribute (as if printing the thing wasn't asking enough!), but you'll also find the incredible work and words of Beth Forrester, Rory Menage, Jo Sweeting, Ellen Bills, Vincent De Boer, Hannes Hirche & Falk Schwalbe and Dimitri Runkkari. It's a big beast too, coming in at 30 x 49cms - so imagine how ace those pages look all freshly printed n that!


Double Dagger #3
Double Dagger #3