Delayed Gratification #37

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Issue #37 of Delayed Gratification casts its eye back over the months of October, November & December of 2019. There's a look back at the General Election and the part Momentum played, a focus on the revolution taking place in surgical automation, an amazing infographic deciphering the transformation of China's economy and society in the new millennium and an investigation into whether the World Cup can work in Qatar.


Tired of news soundbites, endless Tweets and a life built upon snippets? Well, Delayed Gratification is here to slow things down, take things in, and see how the news played out over the last 3 calendar months. Great, probing, intelligent journalism combined with clever and witty infographics.


News, once past it's Tweetable prime, gets lost. The article on the development of a highly effective vaccine for ebola is one of those lost remnants. That it isn't getting to the people who need it makes this a critical piece of journalism that needed writing.

Delayed Gratification #37 - Colours May Vary