Cunning Folk #2 | The Water Issue

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Issue two of Cunning Folk is all about water, that beautiful, beguiling and terrifying element that surrounds us and cycles through us. Turn the pages and you'll begin to see what is stirring beneath. 


Here you'll find a conversation with tarot expert and author Rachel Pollack, a closer look at the edible plants of the riverbanks, sea-born women in myth and magic, and stories of water and flood as an instrument of death. Elsewhere there are Hawaiian water deities, the psychic toll taken when crossing water, and reflections on real mermaids.



Cunning Folk magazine explores - through journalism, essays, articles, and short stories - the relevance of the occult, folklore, mythology, and magic in our world today.



A South Korean recipe for seaweed soup - believed to help with post-partum recovery

Cunning Folk #2 | The Water Issue