Typeone Magazine #01.

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The inaugural issue of Typeopne has landed at CMV Towers and has caused a bit of a stir. This is exactly the kind of mag we love here, focussed, informative and ... completely dedicated to our typographic design culture!

Issue 1 brings us articles on the role & design of typography in activism (with some excellent contemporary examples), the renaissance in the use of seriffed fonts, the typographic response to the explosion that devastated Lebanon in August last year, and interviews with newglyph and Fontwerk. 

Elsewhere there are spotlights on Indonesian type foundry Tegamitype, an exploration of the Hebrew type scene, and a look at new typographic spaces in Arabic type design by Nadine Chahine.



As editor Amber Weaver says in the first editorial - this is a historical artefact of our design culture, not just a magazine.



Typography has a vital role to play in our culture - if there is one message that comes through from reading this beautifully produced magazine, this is it.

Typeone Magazine #01 | Colours May Vary