Citizen Magazine #1 | Matter

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"We wanted to highlight people, ideas and topics that we were interested in but that weren't covered in the mainstream or that were covered but without nuance or an authentic black lens. A place we can learn from." This snippet, which forms part of a dialogue between editors Henrietta Gallina and Danielle Powell Cobb, neatly captures the essence of this new magazine - one that is centred on blackness but invites everyone in.


Issue #1, entitled Matter, asks 'what it means for black lives to take up space, for the images and ideas of black people to insist on their known existence'. Inside you'll find reflections on a speech by civil right activist Fannie Lou Hamer, recollections of New York from Chicago-born DJ Honey Dijon, contemplation of how growing food can bring people closer together by Claire Ratinon, and a profile on the incredible work of fabric sculptor and performnce artist Nick Cave.



Citizen is a bi-annual magazine documenting black culture, intellect, aesthetics and nuance



A profile on Peckham-born artist Remi Ajani who describes her own route into painting .

Citizen Magazine #1 | Matter