Character Design Quarterly (CDQ) #9

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Aimed at illustrators, artists, animators and character art enthusiasts, CDQ provides in-depth interviews, step-by-step tutorials and insider advice from industry professionals. In Issue #9 cover artist Aveline Stokart shares her creative process with us and we meet animator and designer Patrick Schoenmaker and illustrator and graphic designer Lina Dudaite. As usual there are some great tutorials inside and these include bestowing characters with believable emotions, creating a sense of amazement in your creations and conceptualising whimsical characters!


a self-published, independent and ad-free magazine which brings you Interviews, tutorials, advice and insight from the cream of illustrative and character design talent.


Tom Hanni's excellent advice on developing and improving your shape language.

Character Design Quarterly (CDQ) #9 - Colours May Vary