Bumble Magazine - Issue 1

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Bumble is a magazine inspired by the beauty of nature, that has a particular focus on the wildlife of the UK. Inside, through a combination of stunning imagery and thoughtful writing we are reminded how inspiring the world outside our door is. Inside there are articles on the fragility of the systems that support our flora and fauna - whether that be the reduction in the number of hedgehogs from the British countryside due to a loss of habitat to the removal of nature-related words from our dictionaries due to cultural blinkers. There is plenty of hope among these pages though , and you'll find plants beneficial to our mental health, nature sanctuaries which are home to grey seals and foraging and wild cooking in a Yorkshire forest.


Bumble is a biannual magazine that focuses on the beauty of nature whilst highlighting the wonderful wildlife we are surrounded by in the UK, especially those species that are struggling to survive.


To find out that the slow worm, the beautiful legless lizard that we used to find on our holidays, is alive and well and still thriving.


Bumble Magazine - Issue 1