Brick Magazine #7

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Whisper it - The Specials are inside this issue, interviewed, moody b/w shots and everything. This is no 'new LP' bandwagon jump though, as Hayley Louisa Brown's Editor letter makes clear by making the the link between the political climate which 'Ghost Town' soundtracked in the early 80s to now. Ominous times on the football terraces, on the streets, on social media and we need spokespeople. Dave (Orobosa Omoregie) is one, who talks about topics that matter, a voice to change things.

A great issue - one that also includes Noname, Jay Rock, Kenzie, Kilo Kish, Duvv, Maverick Sabre, Murkage Dave, Dijon... i could go on.

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The legend reads 'A music & lifestyle publication representing the new age of hip hop culture', but it's more than that. This is a fiercely independent and beautifully produced journal about music and the people who make it. Top class..


'Just because you're a black boy, just because you're a white, it doesn't mean you've got to hate him, it doesn't mean you've got to fight' Terry Hall, hero.

Brick Magazine #7 - Noname cover - Colours May Vary
Brick Magazine #7 - Dave cover - Colours May Vary