BranD #68 | Graphic Crisis and Chance

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Another top cover from BranD, this time courtesy of Yoshitomo Nara, which this time fronts an issue asking the question 'What is the crisis facing graphic design?'. Inside you'll find ideas on the  existential crisis facing the designer (taken from conversations between designers and the Design Research Society), how to push forward the motion design revolution, how different media can mix together (interview with N&MS), how to change the mood in the environment (dialogue with Studio Spass), how to reshape the visual across disciplines (dialogue with Facultative Works), and how to enhance creativity using AI.


Elsewhere - folk cultures in design, a return to pure design and a chunk of Yoshimoto Nara



BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on Brand Design and Branding published in Hong Kong by Sendpoints.


Size: 225 x 295mm

Pages: 200


BranD #68 | Graphic Crisis and Chance