Another Escape #12 'The Water Volume'

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The brand new Another Escape submerges itself in water and introduces us to those whose lives are deeply connected with this life giving liquid. Inside there are wild swimmers braving frigid waters, freedivers bringing the ethereal depths to life through photography, fishermen crafting traditional lobster pots and seaweed harvesters on the Cornish coast. In fact Cornwall, its coastal communities, crafts people, and flora and fauna are the focus of this exceptional issue. Take a deep breathe and dive in.


An inspiring look at those people who passionately follow their creative path. Another Escape considers itself an ‘outdoor lifestyle and creative culture publication’, and the description fits perfectly. Amid these beautiful pages, you’ll find inspiration, exploration and innovation.


The work AE does to highlight ecological threats and focus on the good work being done to protect species and their habitats is wonderful to see. In this issue the plight of declining wild salmon populations is addressed (through the work being done by Patagonia) and the work being done in the Caribbean to restore dying coral reefs is brought to the fore.

Another Escape #12 'The Water Volume' - Colours May Vary