Anorak Vol.56 | The Sharks Issue

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The brand new issue of ace kid's mag Anorak brings us a shiver of sharks (yes, that is the collective noun!). Far from being terrors of the deep, these amazing and ancient creatures come in all shapes and sizes, with over 500 species to be found across the globe. Inside you'll find amazing shark facts, profiles on some of the Anorak's favourite shark species, information on how we can help save these incredible fish, and a chat with a real-life shark conservationist!


Elsewhere there are shark-based activities and games to play, and the usual mountain of jokes, recipes and stories - in fact... I think we're going to need a bigger break time!



Anorak is the happy mag for kids (big and small) and has been keeping us laughing and busy for almost 10 years. Full of great illustrations, games, puzzles, jokes and FUN, this is one magazine that we’d never be without.



A do-it-yourself 'Feed The Shark' game!

Anorak Vol.56 | The Sharks Issue | Colours May Vary
Anorak Vol.56 | The Sharks Issue | Colours May Vary