Anorak Vol.51 'The Learning Issue'

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Learning is fun! And with all of us soon to be at home, then Anorak is probably one of the funnest ways to do it! Inside there are pages on how we learn, on how that squishy grey thing in our heads works, on old skool learning and an excellent section on books from the past. You'll also find word searches, drawing games, and a 'finish the story' activity where you can try to draw as well as Ben Javens!


Anorak is the happy mag for kids (big and small) and has been keeping us laughing and busy for almost 10 years. Full of great illustrations, games, puzzles, jokes and FUN, this is one magazine that we’d never be without.


Grab a cereal box and some scissors and make your own learning journal (no loo roll needed)

Anorak Vol.51 'The Learning Issue' - Colours May Vary