Studio Arhoj Ghost - Xmas Mini Nisse 2018

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The Studio Arhoj Xmas Mini Nisse ghost is with us! These limited edition festive friends are stamped on their base with a specially made Xmas 2018 stamp and are all glazed to resemble a Santa hat. A little smaller than the standard ghost, these cute ceramic chums are definitely the ghost of Christmas present.

This year the wee Nisse ghosts have been fired at a slightly higher temperature for deeper reds and a stronger glaze.

Each Ghost is unique, hand thrown, glazed, decorated and low-fired in the kiln three times.

Xmas Mini Nisse has a pale base, stands 6.5 - 7.5cm tall.

These cute wee fellas from Copenhagen-Based ceramics whizzes Studio Arhoj are here to brighten up your day. 

Studio Arhoj Ghost - Xmas Mini Nisse 2018