BEEF! The Game | Wilfrid Wood.

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Wylie Coyote & Roadrunner, Ahab and Moby Dick, Maggie Simpson and Gerald Samson - there's animosity, rancor, bad blood, and antipathy everywhere - in fact, you could call it BEEF!


In Wilfrid Wood's new card game, you get to play anti-happy families and match up feuding couples into duos of dislike! Each card features one of Wilfrid's pin-sharp and hilarious caricatures and the name of the person they have BEEF with. Inside you'll find Robbie Williams domestic set-to with Jimmy Page, Tupac and Biggie's notorious S.P.A.T, Taylor Swift and Kanye's award-winning tiff, and many more!


Match 'em up and slap 'em down won't ya?


Features: 52 cards, 26 feuding pairs, one instruction guide, and fun for 2-5 players!


BEEF! The Game | Wilfrid Wood | Colours May Vary