Wintering | Katherine May [SIGNED COPIES]

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"This pandemic has seen us wintering on a grand scale, but the quality of the experience - that encounter with isolation, fear and suffering - is only too familiar. We have always known this state of being. We have always lived through cycles of despair and renewal. Perhaps, finally, we'll now stop making a secret of them."


The subtitle to this beautiful book by Katherine May is 'the power of rest and retreat in difficult times.' It is a meditation on the fallow periods of life, those times where we need to step back, rest and repair. 'Wintering' is a memoir about embracing the uncertainty that can typify these periods and a gentle investigation into the restorative nature of the seasons.


Size: 224 x 140mm

Pages: 273

Publisher: Rider

Wintering | Katherine May [SIGNED COPIES] | Colours May Vary