Wild Animals of The World | Dieter Braun

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Wild Animals of the World is a beautifully illustrated hardback book that contains examples of animal life from all of our continents. Featuring the work of German illustrator Dieter Braun, this handsome title will thrill kids and adults alike and be a book you return to again and again.


Dedicated to wild animals around the world, it tells us how and where they live, what they look like, what they eat, how they find each other or hide from one another, and all the other things they get up to. It covers every continent on Earth. No matter how different all of these animals are, how different their shapes, their colours, or their way of life in the highest treetops, the deepest oceans, or the starkest deserts, one thing ties them together: their will to live and their freedom.

Size: 220 x 280mm

Pages: 216 

Publisher: Nobrow

Wild Animals of The World | Dieter Braun | Colours May Vary