Revenge of the She-Punks | Vivien Goldman

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With the explosion of punk music at the end of the 1970s came an opportunity for women to express themselves more freely than they had ever done before. Over forty years later, the impact of that relationship can still be felt today.


In Revenge of the She-Punks, 'Punk Professor' Vivien Goldman explores identity, money, love and protest to uncover what made the genre so crucial and how the seismic aftershocks of punk's beginnings have shaken up omen everywhere.


Whether it be recounting a shopping trip with Patti Smith before discussing her song 'Free Money', or the late Poly Styrene's daughter reflecting on the inspiration behind the 1978 punk anthem 'Identity', Revenge of the She-Punks seamlessly blends interviews, history and Goldman's personal experience as one of Britain's first female music writers. Each section is also accompanied by a curated playlist.


Genre-busting revolutionaries, such as Grace Jones  - who wasn't exclusively punk, but clearly influenced the movement while absorbing its liberating audacity- are discussed alongside artists from across the world, be it Colombia or Indonesia. From punk's London origins to its international impact, this is an exhilarating musical tour. 




Publisher: Omnibus Press

Revenge of the She-Punks | Vivien Goldman | Colours May Vary