Material Matters 01: Wood - Victionary

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Creative interpretations of common materials', this new series by Hong Kong-based publisher Victionary showcases  creative interpretations of commonly sourced materials across a variety of mediums. Focusing on the manner in which the unique characteristics of each material can be transformed, explored and used by artists and designers, these affordable titles are invaluable to anyone working in the field of design.

In the first in the series you'll find 40+ creatives who have used wood within their practice to produce packaging design, promotional material, artworks, branding and much more. With introductory pages given over to processes associated with the medium (engraving, etching, laser cutting etc.) and profiles on each of the artists and studios included, this is a excellent addition to Victionary's title list.

Size: 160 x 220mm

Pages: 172

Publisher: Victionary

Material Matters 01: Wood by Victionary - Colours May Vary
Material Matters 01: Wood by Victionary - Colours May Vary