Jean Jullien | Jean Jullien

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Twelve years. That is how much time has passed since Jean Jullien graduated from the RCA. In that short amount of time Jullien has created a huge body of work that has spanned editorial illustration, sculpture, painting, book design, visual identity and everything in between. In doing so he has created a style which is instantly recognisable and... well, completely Jean Jullien. 


Few illustrators get the plush monograph treatment, and usually this is only after decades of work and accolades. Jean Jullien has carved out a niche, a uniqueness, a fully him-ness that can't be mistaken - this celebration of his work is fully deserved. 


Organised in three sections – Personal, Collaboration, and Public – this beautiful book explores Jullien’s approach to art and covers his expansive career, from his earliest creative partnerships to his progression into painting, while also offering a first-hand look at his process with sketches and never-before-seen works. 


There isn't a page here that feels surplus, there isn't a piece of work that doesn't make you smile, or think. Jean Jullien has done that incredibly tricky thing - he's become omnipresent without ever becoming stale.


Size: 297 x 225mm

Pages: 256

Publisher: Phaidon 

Jean Jullien |  Jean Jullien
Jean Jullien |  Jean Jullien
Jean Jullien |  Jean Jullien
Jean Jullien |  Jean Jullien