Have a Bleedin' Guess | Paul Hanley

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From Fall drummer Paul Hanley, this is the story of (one) of The Fall's greatest albums, 'Hex Induction Hour'. We say 'one of' because, well... there are a lot of them and many are exceptional. 'Hex' though holds a place in the heart of many a Fall fan and this book, with its interviews with key players and insight into the writing and recording process, is a wonderful addition to the unique music.


Throw in an intro by Stewart Lee and a cover design and contents inspired beautifully by Wyndham Lewis, and you've got something pretty special in yer hands.


Size-ah: 218 x 135mm

Pages-ah: 192

Publishahhh: Route Publishing

Have a Bleedin' Guess | Paul Hanley | Colours May Vary