Ghost Signs: A London Story | Sam Roberts & Roy Reed

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Cigarettes, soaps, hair products... bile beans - advertising on the sides of buildings was once the way to catch the eye of your passer-by. The residue we're left with, the graphic remnants that cling on despite the pollution ad the constant threat of the demolition ball, are known as ghost signs and this book is full of them.


The beautiful title showcases around 250 of London’s most impressive and historically significant ghost signs, geo-located, accompanied by archival and other contextual images. Introductory chapters include essays on how they were produced and their restoration and conservation. Signs are then featured in themed chapters that include building, entertaining, branding and, ultimately, burying the city.


Size: 225 x 195mm

Pages: 320 

Publisher: Isola Press

Ghost Signs: A London Story | Colours May Vary