Feck Perfunction - James Victore

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The subtitle of 'Feck Perfunction' is 'Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life' and dangerous the concepts and ideas inside are. With rules that include 'The struggle is everything', 'Work is serious play' and Freedom is something you take', you know you're in for an atypical, non-standard and entertaining trip into your creative future.

James Victore is a designer, educator and a passionate advocate from creativity. He writes from the heart, makes us laugh and has DONE IT already. There is probably no one out there who is as equipped to give the start to your creativity the kick in the pants it needs.

Remember, you ain't weird, your'e free and your parents were wrong!

Size: 157 x 205mm

Pages: 160

Publisher: Chronicle


Feck Perfunction - James Victore - Colours May Vary