Enjoying Wild Herbs | Nat Mady & Catmouse

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"I genuinely believe that if you let them, herbs will bring you joy". So begins 'Enjoying Wild Herbs: A Seasonal Guide' by Nat Mady & Catmouse. This fascinating publication introduces the world of herbs to us - how we use them, how we gather and forage them, and even how we make brews, balms, and elixirs from them.


this is a treatise on how foraging and the knowledge that underpins it can be a radical act that informs much of our attitude to the natural world, the food we eat, and how we value the multitudinous life that surrounds us.


This new Rough Trade Editions title forms part of a series made in partnership with the Garden Museum.


Each book contains a living seed card inside that can be planted and grown!


Size: 140 x 210mm

Pages: 36

Publisher: Rough Trade

Enjoying Wild Herbs | Nat Mady & Catmouse | Colours May Vary