Dirty Pictures | Brian Doherty

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These things will rot your brains! Brian Doherty's 'Dirty Pictures' is a fascinating deep dive into the world of underground comix (not comics, you knucklehead!). This is the stuff that presented worlds of casual drug use, taboo sex, and transgressive views of society to a hippie and counter-culture public ready to feast their eyes and brains. Often running foul of the law and decency standards, these new comix were distributed on street corners, and through head and special 'book' shops. 


Over 17 chapters and 440 pages, Doherty (senior editor at Reason magazine) brings us an alt comic universe that threads together the stories of the heavyweights (Mad Magazine, Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb, Trina Robbins, Harvey Pekar, etc.) across a rich history that includes everything from psych rock poster art to the comics that battled for racial and sexual rights.


This is a complete narrative history of the underground comix scene and includes dozens of new interviews and a ton of archival research.



Size: 152 x 228
Pages: 448
Publisher: Abrams  

Dirty Pictures | Brian Doherty | Colours May Vary