Copy of BEEF! The guide | Wildfrid Wood.

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Wylie Coyote & Roadrunner, Ahab and Moby Dick, Maggie Simpson and Gerald Samson - there's animosity, rancor, bad blood, and antipathy everywhere - in fact, you could call it BEEF!


This is the guide to Wilfrid Wood's excellent new card game BEEF! Not just the rules (they're in the pack), but a guide to all 26 dust-ups, set-tos, and squabbles. Elton and Keef, Lady Di and Princess Margaret, Mike Pence and that damn fly! All the info on what set the couple on the route to acrimony and discordance.


Size: 140 x 210mm

Pages: 38

Publisher: Rough Trade Books 

BEEF! The guide | Wildfrid Wood | Colours May Vary