Buffalo Zine #18 | Buffalo Power

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The 18th issue of Buffalo Zine has Chan Marshall (AKA singer-songwriter Cat Power) as its guest editor. Chan put forth a list of people she wanted to feature in the magazine and Buffalo Zine did their best to accommodate as many as they could!


Inside you'll find one-time R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe, English artist Tracy Emin, CEO of the National Black Theatre Sade Lythcott, American rapper and singer  Bktherula, and American video and performance artist Kalup Linzy.



Buffalo Zine is title that, physically, shape shifts with each and every issue, but continues throughout to bring intelligent, relevant, and often fun-loving content to our eyes.


Size: 240 x 320mm

Pages: 320

Buffalo Zine #18 | Buffalo Power
Buffalo Zine #18 | Buffalo Power