An Opinionated Guide to London Architecture.

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Opinionated, in this new book from Hoxton Mini Press, is about ignoring what's cool, or current, and selecting the buildings that stand out for their impact, originality or style. The 54 buildings within (photographed by Taran Wilkhu and annotated by Sujata Burman and Rosa Bertoli) may not be on your radar, but are well worth hunting down. Whether you're a lover of Deco, Brutalism, Classical or Modernist this guide will be your pocket pal as you trek the architectural treasures of the capital.

Best of all, there is a map on the front and back inner flap, which guide us to each and every spot in greater and central London..

Size: 162 x 112mm

Pages: 166

Publisher: Hoxton Mini

An Opinionated Guide to London Architecture - Colours May Vary