Valet #1 | Rain

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Hello, this is a bit handsome. Valet is a new magazine dedicated to menswear and classic style. Rain themes the first issue and inside you'll find articles on the history of the humble umbrella, a conversation between a man and his valet about what best to wear in a downpour, and a guide to corduroy. 

It presents an intelligent and esoteric view of the world of men's clothing, mixing together fiction, philosophy, history, and guides to cloth and fabric. Not too many fashion mags will weave Austen and Larkin into their flow, but Valet manages to do it deftly.


Valet is an independent print publication dedicated to classic menswear and timeless style


It feels like a small book... one that you'd find on the leather passenger seat of a Sunbeam Alpine.

Valet #1 | Colours May Vary
Valet #1 | Colours May Vary