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Sabat #3 The Crone Issue

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The Crone awaits you in the 3rd instalment of Sabat Magazine, a female archetype 'past caring about patriarchal proprieties'. Inside you'll find talismans and totems crafted by Sara Gewalt, tales of virtuous, sexually empowering vampires and an interview with Sabrina Scott, creator of talismanic graphic novel Witchbody. Elsewhere Pam Grossman invokes the Crone in opposition to the predominant fascination with youth and queer feminist and anti-ageist activist Dulcamara talks witchcraft, feminism and the crone archetype

Expect: Sabat brings together the elements of witchcraft and feminism and produces magazine gold. A beautifully published magazine on the ancient, the eerie and the occult.

Highlight: The vivid splashes of red, and eerie silvered papers add a dash of viscerality to an already epic title.

Sabat #3 The Crone Issue