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Sabat #2 The Mother Issue

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Inside: The second issue of Sabat looks at the mysterious female archetype of the mother. Wandering through the pages you'll stumble across mysterious magic altarpieces, an alluring occult London nightclub and the haunting imagery of photogram exposures. Elsewhere Pam Grossman talks us through the many forms of the mother figure, The Hoodwitch (Brie Luna) talks household magic and maternal heritage and Linda Fregni Nagler introduces us to her collection of eerie Hidden Mother portraits.

Expect: Sabat brings together the elements of witchcraft and feminsism and produces magazine gold. A beautifully published magazine on the ancient, the eerie and the occult.

Highlight: With what look like embryos decorating the page edging and reversed out tracing paper introducing each chapter, issue 2 is a bigger, better and more beautiful beast than ever.

Sabat #2 The Mother Issue