Potluck Zine #5 | Ritual

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Food and our relationship with it are surrounded by rituals and this issue of Potluck brings together stories that explore the personal practices and customs we bring to the act of eating.


Insider, there are amazing stories about airplane food, chicken stock, and the comfort that using just the right spoon gives you. Stories that explore the impact of religion and cultural expectations on the rituals we uphold, and how we hold onto those rituals once the people that introduced them to us pass away. A recipe for Sausage Pasta to make you laugh, and one for Rum and Raisin cheesecake to make you cry.



Potluck is an independent print and digital zine all about cooking, eating, and sharing food. 



A recipe for greengage sherbert that reignites a childhood memory of an orchard fruit that we now rarely see.

Potluck Zine #5 | Ritual | Colours May Vary