Positive News #110 | 'From Field to Food Bank'

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The new Positive News features, as its cover story, the people coming together to salvage leftover food in order to tackle food waste and food poverty. As the cost of living spirals, this is a timely, and heartening read.


Elsewhere - a radical recruitment firm using algorithms to identify talent from disadvantaged backgrounds, an interview about land access with author and illustrator Nick Hayes, the good folks transforming the biodiversity of railway sidings and alleyways, and the designated river bathing sites that are forcing water companies to clean up their acts.



Positive News is a quality independent publication that brings us 'Constructive Journalism' in the form of good news, progress, possibility and solutions.


Size: 210 x 270mm

Pages: 82


Positive News #110 | 'From Field to Food Bank' | Colours May Vary