Offscreen Magazine #21

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Issue #21 of Offscreen continues to bring us members of the tech community who are actively shaping the future of our planet. Inside this beautifully printed issue we meet Kim Goodwin, a leadership coach focussed on human-centred design, James Bridle a writer, journalist and technologist warning against a tech dominated future, Renée DiResta a lead investigator into the spread of  social media disinformation and Nathan Schneider, a champion of making work work for all using a cooperative model.


With its strap line of ‘People Behind the Bits and Pixels’, Offscreen takes us behind the screen you are looking at to the people who are using the internet and technology creatively, and are building interesting, successful businesses. Handsomely published, beautifully printed and with it’s colour coding and marginalia, gorgeously laid out.


Editor Kai Branch continually tinkers with the format of Offscreen, but it is never in detriment to the magazine. The new issue utilises the beautiful Beatrice Display font from Sharp Type and has moved back to a lovely uncoated 100% recycled paper stock. 

Offscreen Magazine #21 - Colours May Vary