Little White Lies #77

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The new Little White Lies is here and this issue takes a closer look at Roma, the most personal project to date from director and writer Alfonso Cuarón, and a love poem to Mexico shot entirely in black and white. With an interview with the Mexican maestro, a look back through his eclectic career and a short history of monochrome movies - there is plenty here for the Cuarón admirer. Oh, and if you're quick you can buy tickets to see the film at this year's Leeds International Film Festival here!


A blend of striking illustration and passionate writing make Little White Lies the best way of burying yourself inside the world of film. Each issue is themed around current film release and the articles within fly off at curious, fascinating and funny tangents from its epicentre.


Seven essays on how space, production design and a vivid sense of place can make or break a movie.

Little White Lies #77