Kindling #2 | The Body Issue

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Issue #2 of Kindling is themed around the body. Inside there are features on fashionable hi-vis, creative body casts, drawing with our feet and distinguishing between a burp and a fart.

Elsewhere, in among the longer parent-focussed articles, you'll find writing on raising a child to love their body (if, as a parent, you struggle to love your own), the veil of silence often drawn over miscarriages, and a view from a child psychologist on what adults can learn from babies.



Produced by the folks that make Kinfolk, Kindling is a vibrant new magazine that explores fresh perspectives on raising children



This is our introduction to Kindling and we love the bold graphics and the mix of more serious feature writing for parents and the more fun, goofy content for kids.

Kindling #2 | The Body Issue | Colours May Vary