It's Freezing In LA! #1

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The title of 'It's Freezing In LA' comes from a quote from everyone's favourite global tyrant, Donald Trump. A denial of climate change is a denial of our own senses, and is a dangerous position to take - so IFILA is here to present a fresh perspective on this hot topic - one that avoids the overly technical and dodges the booming voice of activism.  Inside writers and illustrators present their feelings on how climate change is, or will, affect society. From articles on how air pollution creates a greater inequality in education to working on a more neutral way to dress - the content  encompasses fashion, economics, politics, technology and more - and is, importantly, very readable.


An independent magazine which approaches climate change, and its possible consequences, in an engaging and insightful way and is full of beautifully thought out details and excellent illustration.


The thread sewn spine, the graphic sunspots that pepper the issues pages, the icon powered contents page or the inclusion of a further reading section - oh hang it, we like them all and at £6 so can you!

It's Freezing In LA! #1