IdN 27/1 | Illustration XXL: Murals & Wall Art

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Illustrators are moving away from using paper and/or the computer as a platform and simply enlarging their works as much as possible — utilising both the interior and exterior walls of buildings, shopping malls, offices, parks… almost anywhere can become their canvas.

These illustrators have opted to work far outside their comfort zone and this allows little scope for mistakes, so extreme concentration is needed. Those featured in this issue have all encountered ups and downs creating super-sized works of art and we are sure you can learn something from their experiences.



Varying paper stocks, spot varnishes, and matt lamination, IdN is a beautiful design magazine from Hong Kong that looks and feels as good as it reads. 



The super-bright work of Camilla Falsini.


IdN 27/1 | Illustration XXL: Murals & Wall Art