Huck Magazine #71 'The Utopia Issue'

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The new Huck is here with the 'Utopia' issue. Inside we discover the history (and rekindling) of the Antiuniversity, look at the work being done by Extinction Rebellion and Stop Ecocide to make environmental destruction an international crime, take a look inside the London-based Shaolin Temple and meet the photographer documenting the hardcore scene in Florida.


Huck salutes independence, heralds DIY principles and embraces grassroots counter-culture, whether that be in the spheres of music, fashion, travel, art, or... anything else that comes its way. Sharp, fierce, and informative.


The opening article by 'Steal as Much as You Can' author Nathalie Olah, which urges us to consider an alternative, better future.

Huck Magazine #71 'The Utopia Issue' - Colours May Vary