How to Love Animals: And Protect Our Planet | Henry Mance

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Factory farms, climate change, deforestation and pandemics have made our relationship with other species unsustainable. Henry Mance sets out on a personal quest to see if there is a fairer way to live alongside the animals we love.


He goes to work in an abattoir and on a farm to investigate the reality of eating meat and dairy. He explores our dilemmas around over-fishing the seas, visiting zoos and owning pets, and he meets the chefs, activists, scientists and tech visionaries who are redefining how we think about animals.


This is a compassionate and persuasive read, one that ends with a section on steps we can make to make a change, from experiencing the wild to giving up dairy.


Size: 130 x 198mm (paperback)

Pages: 387

Publisher: Vintage

How to Love Animals And Protect Our Planet | Henry Mance | Colours May Vary