Happy Reader #13 'Owen Wilson'

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The new Happy Reader catches up with American actor and avid reader Owen Wilson (or Hansel as we'd rather know him) as he talks about his childhood and the books he read as a kid, improvising, Wes Anderson and Hawaii - among many more things.

The second half of the magazine spins off articles from Meditations by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (yes, we're going back a bit here!) and introduces us to stoic workouts, the truth about bees, the heroic nature of getting out of bed and 12 self-help gurus answer a tricky question.


A quarterly dip into bookish waters. The Happy Reader, a collaboration between Fantastic Man and Penguin Books, is one half in-depth interview with a book fanatic and one half a rediscovery of a Penguin Classic.


A bag of stoic crisps bearing the legend 'don't expect too much'.

Happy Reader #13 'Owen Wilson' - Colours May Vary