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Fukt #16 The Sex Issue

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Inside: fukt

Is there any lead in your pencil? If so, you might be inspired by the contents of the new Fukt Magazine. Inside 'the sex issue' the pages overflow with erotic drawings, from the explicit to the poetic and from the bizarre to the humorous - it's an orgy of amazing pen and pencil work. There are some big hitters here too, with work by Tracey Emin, Marlene Dumas, Keith Haring and David Shrigley all featured. All in all, the 24 artists whose work is presented in this issue cover a great deal of ground, both stylistically and thematically - from the eerie watercolour nudes of Fredster to the end of the pier comic panels of Martin Skauen. you'll laugh, you'll cry and sometimes you'll imagine someone is watching over your shoulder and snap the pages shut.


FUKT is a magazine about contemporary drawing. Founded in Norway in 1999 and now published in Berlin, FUKT changes our expectations of what drawing is, and what it can be.


A dog tickles its owners feet with a feather and a cat watches the neighbourhood burn – all while their owners... are otherwise engaged. We love the beautiful simple line work of Mrzyk and Moriceau.

Fukt Magazine #16 The Dirty Issue - drawing