Framing Nature: Conservation & Culture | Laurence Rose [SIGNED COPIES!]

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"We watched an avoidable environmental disaster unfold and continue for decades in full knowledge of its impact."


'Framing Nature' by Laurence Rose is a book that, in a real sense, is about hope. It is a book about our relationship to the wildlife around us, and our connection to that wildlife. It brings to the fore issues that revolve around conflict and co-existence (beautifully detailed in our relationship with the fox), and loss and recovery. How do we, asks Rose, rebuild a mutually beneficial relationship with nature? Can we come to an understanding of the tragedies that have beset our natural world that allows us to do something about it?


Inside are stories - of corncrakes, badgers, foxes, and otters - that mix historical fact with the author's own poetic observations. Rose writes about the animals he knows, those he's spent time watching, and it shows - there is a great affection here that draws us in and allows us to see the world around us anew.


Laurence Rose is a conservationist, naturalist and writer based in West Yorkshire. He's worked for nearly 40 years for the RSPB and is a participant in the species recovery programme 'Back from the Brink'.

 Gritstone press is a Yorkshire-based, author-run publishing cooperative. 


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Pages: 301

Publisher: Gritstone Press

Framing Nature: Conservation & Culture | Laurence Rose | Colours May Vary